Facebook censoring Bitcoin content, posts go against community standards

All articles and posts with bitcoin hashtag, #bitcoin have been hidden on Facebook as the social media platform has deemed them as content that goes against their community standards.

bitcoin facebook

This ban has been confirmed to be in effect in USA, France, Philippines, Thailand, Netherlands and some other European countries. Is Facebook scared of bitcoin or may be they want to push their own Libra cryptocurrency to its users?

One twitter confirmed this and said Facebook does a lot of unnecessary censoring. He added, every time I try round share about swissborg either on news feed or in messenger they block it. Outrageous.

Anyway, when Bitcoin breaks its all time high, it would not matter if Facebook blocks Bitcoin’s hashtag or not.

While there have been numerous scams about cryptocurrencies that are being promoted on Facebook, but then, there are scams about stock applications, games and so on. One simply cannot ban all stock apps on Facebook due to few bad actors.

This is why crypto coin daddy editors feel that the Facebook’s ban on bitcoin content is outrageous and not justified.

May be if more users start boycotting facebook, they will finally listen and stop censoring bitcoin and altcoins related content on their platform?