Ethereum Private (ETHP): Zcash and Ethereum hard forks [June 2018]

ethereum private

Ethereum Private is an upcoming hard fork of Ethereum and Zcash blockchain and promises to combine everything that is great about Ethereum and Zcash. Ethereum Private hard fork date is 13th of June 2018. Each Ethereum holders gets ETHP coins in 1:1 ratio while Zcash holders get 0.5ETHP for each ZEC they hold (1:2). So, if you have 2 ethereum, you get 2 ETHP and if you’ve 2 Zcash, you get 1 ETHP.

The Ethereum Private team has already forked MyEtherWallet that will allow you to access ETHP coins after the fork.

  • Snapshot Date: ~13th of June 2018.
  • Testnet Launch: ~21th of June 2018.
  • Mainnet Launch: ~1st of July 2018.

What is Ethereum Private?

The official explanation is Ethereum Private enhances privacy for users by Zk-Snarks, which is offered by Zcash. This is an unofficial fork, so proceed with caution.

Its website says that they will be launching the mainnet, Ethereum Private explorer, wallets for mobile and desktop in July 2018. They also have plans to implement upcoming Ethereum’s Casper and Zcash’s Sapling update in 2019. Ambitious – very!

The website does mentions that Ethereum Private will have 2 two replay protection. There will be support for mining but you’ll be able to do that only when the mainnet is ready.

There is no whitepaper on the website. There is no word on the team.