Ethereum block reward to be reduced to 2 ETH per block in Constantinople hard fork

There is major news coming and it is related to the upcoming hard fork for Ethereum blockchain. The block reward is going to be reduced to 2 ETH in this Constantinople hard fork. This update is intended to smoothen out the changes that will be happening from PoW to PoS – proof of work to proof of stake.

ethereum wallpaper

I’m thrilled with the decision and don’t see it affecting the community whatsoever. Miners may be a little upset, but as part of this compromise, the community will be discussing a PoW change in an upcoming hard fork, which is arguably more important than the block reward.

This is also a win for investors because there will no longer be considerable downward pressure on ETH due to inflation. So yes, it is a good news from a trader’s perspective. We are bullish as it is similar to bitcoin’s halvening.

The engineers have chosen to go for the EIP-1234 situation to defer the trouble bomb for around an year.

Beginning with `CNSTNTNPL_FORK_BLKNUM` the customer will figure the trouble in view of a phony square number proposing the customer that the trouble bomb is altering around 5 million squares later than already indicated with the Homestead fork. Moreover, square rewards will be changed in accordance with a base of 2 ETH, uncle and nephew prizes will be balanced as needs be.