Download Samourai Wallet for Android to make Bitcoin transactions private

Download Samourai Wallet on Android, PC

Bitcoin transactions are not totally anonymous. Infact, the entire ledger is public, visible to anyone. Anyone with your bitcoin address can take a peek at your transaction history, balance and so on with ease. So while you can send and receive bitcoin without revealing your personal information, it is pseudo anonymous. But, by downloading and using Bitcoin’s Samurai wallet, you will be able to protect your privacy with a mechanism that is based on trusted cooperation between two wallets.

Neither output displays the true spend amount which is, in effect, “stowed away” via a trusted cooperation between 2 wallets.

The issue of privacy is explained in BIP0069 on github.

…. wallet clients often have a discernible blockchain fingerprint, and can leak private information about their users. By contrast, a standard for non-deterministic sorting could be difficult to audit.

By using Bitcoin Samourai wallet, users will be able to establish private payment channels without revealing their bitcoin addresses.

Concealing the Bitcoin address will definitely improve the privacy of Bitcoin transactions. While it is not at par with something like Monero or Zcash, it would be a welcome addition to bitcoin, which is still the most popular cryptocurrency.

Here is the download link.