Cryptopia halts trading due to server overload, customers furious

Cryptopia halts trading due to server overload

Popular cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptopia is facing myriad complaints after suspending trading activity due to server overload. The exchange, which is based on New Zealand suspended trading in two of its base markets, DOGE and LTC as its servers were unable to handle number of trades occurring. The exchange hit 500,000 users on 1st of December 2017 and by 31st December, it had hit 1,000,000 users. Registrations on Cryptopia have been paused to upgrade the resources to handle such massive traffic. The company had mere 30,000 users an year back.

Annoyed users took to twitter to complaint about the issues that they were facing and lack of support from Cryptopia’s side.

Cryptopia exchange said,

“Due to being unable to provide any kind of realistic or accurate ETA on both the DOGE/LTC markets being resumed, we have decided it best to close these base markets at this time. Please close any open orders, and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

Jordan Berkowitz, an annoyed customer said,

“Some of us are getting CRUSHED because people are liquidating their positions on other foreign sites that we don’t have access too, and we are stuck holding the bag. Pretty unfair. I’m out a fortune since last night since you haven’t resumed trading. Need action an action plan.”

Dave, another annoyed customer said,

“Sorry guys but this is to much. I have been understanding to most of the issue and growing pains you guys have experienced but this is just careless disregard for everyone. You should have been ready for all this. No excuse.”