Coinlib review: What is Coinlib and why you should use it?

coinlib review

There are multitude of websites that let you keep track of cryptocurrency prices, but not all websites are made equal. My job requires me to post cryptocurrency news on a daily basis and in this job, I’ve to keep myself abreast with the latest prices all the time. And the best website for doing this is

What is Coinlib?

Coinlib offers cryptocurrency prices tracking and portfolio management. After signing up on Coinlib, you can key in your cryptocurrency holdings and then use this website’s real-time updates and alerts to observe your portfolio performance.

coinlib review

What is so great about Coinlib?

The simple website design is excellent for new users. The UI looks great on both desktop and mobile web browsers. Talking about mobile, there are dedicated iOS and Android applications, both of which offer superb user experience.

coinlib iphone app

Technical analysis of cryptocurrencies

At the same time, Coinlib offers advanced information about a cryptocurrency like its social networking activity and technical analysis that includes useful tools like RSI, MACD, Moving Averages and so on. It can even tell you when to buy or sell a cryptocurrency.

coinlib technical analysis

For that, just any coin and visit the “Technical Analysis” tab to see the results.

Unlike its competitors, Coinlib strives to list all coins and there are more than 5000 coins listed on coinlib’s website right now. The website fetches trades from over 160 exchanges that includes >20000 markets!

News section

There is a dedicated news section that includes latest updates about cryptocurrencies from around the globe. There is news section for each cryptocurrency and exchange as well and you will find news related to that currency.

coinlib news

Other nifty features of coinlib

Cryptocurrency calculator – This lets you calculate the value in fiat or in other cryptocurrencies like BTC/ETH.

Best prices – Did you know that prices differ from one exchange to another? Find the best prices of a particular cryptocurrency using the filter feature of Coinlib. It is also possible to filter by exchanges according to your country.

Widgets – These are little pieces of code that you can put on your website. There are many widgets to choose from and they can configurable as well. For instance, you can choose between dark and light theme and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Visit coinlib now.