Coindash website hacked: 5.5 million dollars already gone!

Coindash is a startup that focuses on the crypto currency social trading and it has just announced on twitter that their website has been hacked. It has also sent out warning to its investors that there has been a massive cyber security breach.

coindash hacked

Coindash was doing its ICO today, July 17th and just after few hours, it announced that it was hacked. The hackers tempered with the sales page and the sending address was changed. In the token sale, there was supposed to be a maximal cap of 12 million dollars which is around 47000 ethereum.

This is the warning that has been sent.

This is an emergency message delivered to you in order to stop you from sending your money to an unauthorized ETH address. It seems like our Token Sale page was tempered and the sending address was changed. Please stop from sending your funds to any of the addresses until we say otherwise. We are currently examining the situation and will shortly send further instructions.

This is/was their bonus structure.

First day bonus – 30%
First week bonus – 20%
Second week bonus – 10%
Rest of the Token Sale period bonus – 0%

Here is the scammer’s address – Ether is still being sent to this address. The scam address has already raised more than real address.