CEX.io re-enables USD Bank Transfer Deposits and Withdrawals

CEX has relaunched its USD bank transfer service that lets you deposit and withdraw funds on CEX.io website. The exchange has recently partnered with an American bank to relaunch wire deposits and withdrawals in USD. During the first month, payment processing may face delays while we fine-tune things.

cex usd wire transfer

While CEX will be doing their best best to process payment requests on the same day, it may take bank system 2 to 5 business days to process a transfer.

The deposits do not bear any commission so yes, zero commission deposit are here already. However, there is a 1 percent withdrawal fee. There is a minimum withdrawal amount – $50.

As CEX works more closely with the bank, we expect that the processing time will get shorter over time.

CEX used to be a popular choice but ever since they have made KYC mandatory, our team and probably many others have stopped using them. Infact, you cannot even withdraw funds from CEX if you have not done your KYC.