BytePay is Free Bytecoin Payment Processor: Free Crypto currency payment gateway by Bytecoin team


Bytecoin developers have churned out BytePay, a payment solution that lets the business houses receive payments from consumers in Bytecoins. Bytecoin is one of the most popular crypto currencies and offers free transfers from one user to another, making it ideal for business houses and consumers. And since Bytecoin payments are usually processed instantly, the order is instantly processed. All the received payments are credited to the vendor’s external bytecoin wallet address after 6-hours.

On top of Bytecoin’s privacy feature, you get SSL encryption to keep the transaction information safe and protected from hackers. The payment gateway is based on standard API and can be easily integrated with standard HTML webpages, wordpress, PHP websites and so on. This means you will be able to get it up and running within few minutes.

BytePay offers both onsite and hosted payment page processing. No bank account is required.

Here are features of BytePay WooCommerce Extension

* Check Confirmed Balance
* Check Unconfirmed Balance
* Automated Invoice Orders
* Updates Existing Orders
* Free to use
* Easy to use
* Support Guaranteed


* PHP: 5.6+
* Latest WordPress
* Latest Installation of WooCommerce

Interested? Head over the BytePay’s webpage and start accepting bytecoin on your website now.