Bytecoin Reference Client and Wallet get updated

Bytecoin Reference Client and Wallet get updated

Bytecoin team has been quite busy lately. The team has released v2.1.0 of the Reference Client and v1.1.9.1 of Bytecoin wallet to the public that solves many issues and brings improvements that will make the end user experience much better. For the bytecoin reference client, this includes fixing transaction pool issues and bringing daemon synchronization improvements. For the Bytecoin wallet, the dependencies have been updated.

You can download the new software from official bytecoin webpage here.

In other related news, you can now deposit and withdraw bytecoin on Poloniex. Users were not able to deposit or withdraw from their bytecoin wallets on Poloniex. Enthusiasts filed a petition on asking Poloniex to resolve the issue. Bytecoin developers had solved the issue related with the wallet software many weeks back but Poloniex was simply not too interested in solving the issue.

Now that the bytecoin wallet issue on Poloniex is solved, users can deposit or withdraw their bytecoins. This has had an excellent effect on bytecoin price too which increased by 25 percent today.

Bytecoin is also expected to make its debut on C-CEX, Bittrex and other exchanges. Bright times ahead for this ambitious coin.