Blocknet Comet 4.2 and Block DX version 1.7.0 released

Blocknet Comet 4.2

Block DX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and this new update brings full app zoom between -60 to 150 percent. Other new features include ShowAllOrders support and Unverified Asset Warning.

Blocknet Comet 4.2 and Block DX version 1.7.0 have been released and this wallet release contains the staking protocol upgrade and will result in a hard fork on June 8th at 6pm UTC +0. Updating prior to this date is required to stay on the correct chain.

Other than new features, this new release contains several bug fixes.

Generate Address — When generating a new address only the input you are generating an address for will be cleared instead of clearing the entire order form.
Retain Price On Order Submit — The order form will now retain the price values after submitting an order instead of clearing the entire form.
BTC Pricing — If the BTC price is available and present in the order book, the order panel will no longer show the price as “N/A”.

As mentioned earlier, this wallet upgrade will do a hard fork on 8th of June 2020 so make sure to perform the upgrade before this date in order to be on correct chain.