BTC Lite brings faster, cheaper transactions


Bitcoin is often criticized for being slow and lethargic. These days it takes upwards of 4 hours to receive funds, especially if you go for lower transaction fees, which too are in range of $5 or more. If you choose to deliver funds faster, which is still around 30 minutes or so, you will have to pay hefty $10 or higher. This is because of tough competition from Bitcoin Cash which sometimes becomes more profitable to mine than Bitcoin. BTC Lite, unlike bitcoin, runs on Ethereum blockchain which is much more efficient.

BTC Lite is capable of handling higher number of transactions and can send funds at fraction of Bitcoin’s price. It is totally possible to send a thousand dollars worth of BTC Lite for less than one-tenth of cent. Not only that funds sent using BTC Lite service deliver almost instantly.

So, BTC Lite is faster, cheaper and lighter. It is capable of handling many more transactions at a time.

BTC Lite pre-sale is on and price is 16000 BTCL/ETH. Only 20 percent of total supply is up for grabs so hurry. Minimum amount to be contributed is 0.2ETH and there is a maximum cap of 20ETH in order to prevent price manipulation by whales.

Disclaimer: Cryptocoindaddy received BTC Lite tokens for posting this article.


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