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PivX blockchain is under attack


Privacy-focused cryptocurrency, PivX is under attack. Their official twitter account has tweeted out about an undergoing attack on its blockchain. They have asked users to invalidate block to bring users running full node to get back to correct chain.


PivX Core Wallet v3.3.0 released

PivX Core Wallet 3.3.0 has been released by the team that brings some significant changes on the zPIV front. This is a mandatory upgrade and you must upgrade the wallet before 24th of June 2019, otherwise you will be on wrong blockchain.

pivx core wallet


PivX Core Wallet 3.0.6 solves sync issues and other bugs

Download PivX Core Wallet 3.0.6

PivX Core wallet v3.0.6 has been released that brings myriad bug fixes and stability enhancements. While it is not a mandatory upgrade if you are already running but is recommended to upgrade to keep everything up to date with core updates. Several users were complaining about wallet syncing problems and this update is meant to solve those issues. How to Update to this version? First, gracefully exit/stop the current wallet from the wallet. (File – Exit or ./pivx-cli stop).