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Bytecoin’s Latest Wallet Revolution – March 20th

bytecoin new api

Bytecoin, which is known as the fully-anonymous cryptocurrency which first implemented the CryptoNote protocol, is publishing a major software and wallet update. This update, learning the lessons from its recent beta release, has proven to solve Bytecoin’s most essential technical issues as well as improve both the stability of the system and its reliability.


Bytecoin Android Wallet brings untraceable payments to mobile

download bytecoin android wallet

The official Bytecoin wallet for android smartphones has been released. This will allow bytecoin users to send and receive BCN from anyone on their mobile devices. The app is easy to use and runs without hiccups on any android phone. You will be asked to register the first time you log on. We found if you earlier registered on bytecoin’s web wallet, you can use your existing credentials.


BytePay is Free Bytecoin Payment Processor: Free Crypto currency payment gateway by Bytecoin team


Bytecoin developers have churned out BytePay, a payment solution that lets the business houses receive payments from consumers in Bytecoins. Bytecoin is one of the most popular crypto currencies and offers free transfers from one user to another, making it ideal for business houses and consumers. And since Bytecoin payments are usually processed instantly, the order is instantly processed. All the received payments are credited to the vendor’s external bytecoin wallet address after 6-hours.


Bytecoin now accepted in Indian Temples: Bytecoin added as a donation method in the Indian Temples

Bytecoin indian temples

Bytecoin BCN is the first crypto currency that is making its way in Temples in India. They are now happy to accept donations in Bytecoin. This started when the Sikh gurudwaras in major cities of India started accepting bytecoin. Report says that the temples are happy accepting the donations in bytecoin. The cash generally sits idle with them which served no purpose. Being a non-profit organization, the government prohibits them investing the donation funds. By making use of Bytecoin wallet, they can benefit from price increase.