easyMINE makes Cryptocoin mining simple

The easyMINE is a comprehensive software platform that is coded for making and working with small and medium sized mining operations. A lot of us find mining intimidating and complex. The easyMINE is designed to automate the entire process by making mining as simple and intuitive as possible. Even if you are in-on with mining, you will appreciate how easy it is to setup your computer for mining.


This means how messing around with complex batch files – easyMINE gives you a comprehensive yet easy-to-use usable solution that requires no manual configuration. It does the optimization for you. Its intelligent and self-learning system monitors the equipment and dynamically adjust the operating parameters. This makes easyMINE incredibly cost-effective, thereby increasing profitability of your mining rig.

Getting the crypto mining hardware is a challenge but keeping it running without interruption is a whole another thing. It requires you to keep an eye on your hardware, making necessary adjustments and repairs. Even maintaining single mining rig can be a daunting task.

This is where the easyMINE comes into play – making the entire mining process as simple as possible. Everything from setup to maintenance is made automatic and simple.


Getting started with easyMINE is easy. Download the operating system onto a USB flash drive and plug it in into your mining machine. Boot to the USB drive and voila, you are up and mining already.

The easyMINE operating system will then automatically do the configuration for you – tweaking the hardware and software components for maximum profitability, safety and stability. Not only that, you will be able to do remote monitor the rig and tweak the settings easily from easeyMINE dashboard. So, even if you are on the move or away from the rig, you are always in control.

As mentioned in easyMINE’s whitepaper, the software makes use of AI-driven system that monitors and makes necessary enhancements and improvements to its own performance. Everything from hardware and software settings are saved and analyzed to dynamically tweak the settings to ensure maximum efficiency and profit under all kinds of operating conditions.

This two-way communication with easyMINE’s central knowledge base ensures that all the tweaks and enhancements learnt can be applied to other similar units. This instantly gives you better hashrates and profits.

EasyMINE architecture consists of four modules:

1) eMOS which is the operating system itself. It is home to all the necessary system components, graphics card drivers and pre-installed mining software for mining most currencies.

2) easyMINE server which is main module of the platform. It controls the operation of indivisual mining rigs and artificial based performance optimization algorithms to make necessary hardware adjustments and mining parameters

3) easyMINE dashboard is the administrative module which you install on your client machine to do remote monitoring and control over mining machines.

4) easyMINE mobile is another administrative module but for android and iPhone. This allows you to do remote management on the move.



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